Indulge in our November Box of the Month: James' Collection

October 31, 2017

This month we give you a box by our senior chocolatier, James Bache. He's been working here at The Chocolate Society for three years now, and we thought it was time he was given the honour of curating an extra special collection of his inspired flavours. Read on to find out what James has in store for our exclusive November Box of the Month. Remember that competition for these limited edition boxes is high, and once they are gone they are gone - so order yours quick!


November 2017: James' Collection


I am often intrigued and inspired by Eastern flavours, and I like to combine these with classic techniques rooted in French patisserie cuisine. I love a clean design as handmade chocolates should be authentic but not messy! To me the look of a truffle, ganache or caramel is just as important as the taste.

This month's tasting club has been my first opportunity to create a box from scratch. It's been a very enjoyable process, from choosing the designs of the outside of each chocolate to carefully constructing the layers of flavours in the fillings.

Take a peek inside James' brand new creations!

Cherry and pistachio - Classic combination, I love pistachio praline which is offset nicely with the natural acidity from a sour cherry. 

Matcha and Manuka - A nod to more eastern flavours becoming more and more popular in patisserie, I thought the natural sweetness of Manuka honey compliments the white chocolate ganache beautifully. 

Single origin Dominican - My favourite chocolate to work with and to eat. A very rich tasting milk chocolate with a flavour profile not unlike dark chocolate; slightly bitter with intense cocoa flavour. As a single origin chocolate it exhibits the natural characteristics of beans grown in that area.  

Canele - Slightly crunchy deeply caramelised crust on the outside, with soft vanilla and spicy rum flavours on the inside. Reminiscent of spending time in Paris visiting different patisseries. 

Whisky caramel - I love the variety you get with whiskey, particularly the smokiness of some. Here it is combined with a very dark caramel for the ultimate rich flavour. 

Peach and oolong - trying to evoke the nostalgia of peach ice tea on holidays as a child.  Custom baked for Comins Tea House in Sturminster Newton it is a smooth, full bodied tea with a toasty woody flavour - and is a great teatime accompaniment.

Discover something different - indulge in a box of unique fresh chocolates and order our Box of the Month.

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