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The Chocolate Society

Hot Chocolate Shaker | Pre-Order |


The Chocolate Society

Hot Chocolate Shaker | Pre-Order |


  •  Introducing the world's first Hot Chocolate Shaker! 

    Are you fed up with always having a chocolately sludge at the bottom of your cup? We've found a solution meaning you no longer need to leave all that flavour behind! 

    As chocolatiers we knew the secret to make an epic hot chocolate is to perfectly bind the chocolate with the milk or water. To do this, you need to create enough fricition to make this bond, but not enough friction can be created through stirring alone.

    After not being satisfied with the results of a stirred hot chocolate, we began to shake one, this quickly resulted in hot chocolate exploding everywhere! The problem with shaking a hot liquid is that the air inside the shaker heats and expands, which is what causes the explosion. That's why we have invented a lid which, as you shake, pops to accommodate this increase in pressure. This results in a perfectly emulsified hot chocolate, without the explosion!

    The Hot Chocolate Shaker was launched on Kickstart in May and was backed by an incredible 1,600+ people around the world, the Hot Chocolate Shakers are currently in manufacture, to be ready for distribution at the end of October.

    Pre-order your shaker today! 

  • The Shaker enables you to experiment with endless hot chocolate opportunities! Break up your favourite chocolate bar or use your favourite hot chocolate drops, there is no limitation to what chocolate you can use!

    Use the shaker to make a hot chocolate with water, dairy-alternative milk, or even use milk which has been infused with orange or mint, the possibilities are endless.

  • Using the Hot Chocolate Shaker is simple:

    1. IMPORTANT: Reset the lid

    2. Put 30g of your favourite hot chocolate in the shaker

    3. Top up with hot milk/water/dairy alternative

    4. Shake! Shake for just 10 seconds!

    5. Enjoy a perfectly smooth hot chocolate