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We sometimes have a few products which are approaching their best before dates, or occasionally some products which are awesome, but occasionally we're not 100% happy with the finish, they're still excellent quality, but we want to be totally transparent to you. Therefore, this section is your chance to get hold of a brilliant array of our products for a reduced price!

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4.95 Average

19 Reviews

sue ranshaw

wonderful find made my day and it didn't need a long shelf life as they got eaten very quickly


Excellent quality

isabelle lesay

Just perfect ...

Masha Smith

These nuts are deliciously crunchy.

momotaz begum

I normally find chocolate with high cacao content a bit bitter and very overwhelming but this was smooth and just lovely


So full of flavour.

P wingett

loved these and will order again

T Smith

If you like pecans you will love these. Is it bad form to admit I ate them all in two sittings?

L Sissons

My favourite!

A gilmour


Choc Chick

Got these as a gift from Selfridges ... OMG am addicted. Tracked them down to the Chocolate Society was hoping for a bigger bag! Never mind just won't share them :)


Really nice.

B Davies

Very moreish!

C Kavalieros

These are the ultimate sweet treat yummyness in every mouthful

A gilmour


S Pickering

Just delicious!

S Le Febour

These are so delicious. The combination of the refined chocolate, crunch of caramel and sweet pecans irresistible! All I can say it's a good job I don't live locally I would be there everyday.

A gilmour


L Murphy

Totally scrumptious & dangerously moorish

10% off would be great wouldn't it..

Yes Please!

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