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January 2020 Box of the Month

January 2020 Box of the Month


Purchase Options:
1 Month: January 2020
3 Months: Starting January 2020
6 Months: Starting January 2020
12 Months: Starting January 2020
  • Breaking News: Our Box Of The Month has been voted the best Chocolate Subscription Box by The Independent Newspaper for 2019!

    Each month we create 250 Limited Edition boxes of fresh chocolates.

    Every month our chocolatiers create a brand new Box of The Month. Only 250 of these mouth-watering boxes of chocolates are made each month and competition for a box is high! As always our fresh chocolates are made using only fresh cream and butter and real herbs and spices. We never, ever use preservatives and therefore have a 6-week shelf life from production.

    As always, do share with us your favourites each month on Instagram @chocsoc with #Boxofthemonth 

    *Please note, the flavour, colour combinations and shapes of the chocolates vary from month to month of our Box of the Month.

  • Iceberg
    The finest white chocolate ganache made from mint infused cream, further enhanced with a generous glug of Menthe Vive, the smoothest mint liqueur, then finally enrobed in Columbian dark chocolate for a perfectly glossy exterior.
    Mexican Hot Chocolate
    A perfectly warming combination of silken Grenada Dark Chocolate ganache and dried Ancho chillies, famed for their fruity, gentle heat to compliment the depth of flavour of the finest, 65% dark chocolate.
    Black Forest Gateau
    Made from natural fruit juice, our delicious blackberry Pâte de Fruit is set atop a delicious jivara milk chocolate ganache, delicately infused with Kirsch. Generously enrobed in dark chocolate and speckled with white chocolate for a true taste of nostalgia.
    Irish Coffee
    A classic flavour combination. Our 45% Dominican Republic milk chocolate ganache is gently infused with Round Hill Roastery coffee before adding the final flourish, a generous dram of 12 year old Scotch whiskey.
    Hazelnut Praline

    Deeply caramelised hazelnut praline, perfectly offset with subtle hints of sweet citrus, enrobed in the smoothest milk chocolate for a perfectly luxurious taste experience.

    Dark Chocolate & Almond Crunch A beautiful, fully rounded 66% dark chocolate ganache sits atop a delicate layer of crunchy, almond praline. A complete taste sensation, encompassing the darkness of the rich ganache with the brittle sweetness of this stunning praline.
    Spiced Winter Apple Encapsulating the nostalgic flavours of the colder months, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, apple and caramel, we have gently combined these traditional flavours into a caramelised apple ganache. Delicately encased in a smooth milk chocolate shell.