Here at The Chocolate Society, our small team of chocolatiers is headed up by Al Garnsworthy, one of the most exciting artisan chocolatiers in the country.

Al has been extensively trained by French chocolate makers Valrhona. Valrhona have invested heavily in Al's knowledge and techniques ensuring all the confections that Al produces are of the very highest exacting standard.

Al mixes these techniques and processes with a boundless imagination, which focuses on creating chocolates that are delicate, daring, and above all delicious.

Using only the finest French Valrhona chocolate, Al makes small batches of each of the confections. The centres are all made by hand, rather than in large industrial machines like many other companies. This ensures that every step of the manufacturing process is strictly controlled and the very finest luxury chocolates are made.

Al never uses any artificial preservatives, flavouring or oils in his chocolates. All the chocolates he produces are fresh, and are made using spices and real fruit purees - we think that once you taste them, you will see what sets our chocolates apart from the rest.

As Al has become more known in the chocolate industry, he is now regularly being asked to perform demonstrations at some of the best food shows in the country, including The Speciality Fine Food Show 2013.

In addition to demonstrations, Al has also appeared on TV and Radio and was most recently featured on BBC2's Incredible Spice men series.

Al loves working with chocolate daily and loves seeing the look on a customer’s face when they try a fresh luxury handmade chocolate for the very first time. Al looks forward to each new season as it offers new opportunities to be creative and artistic with his favourite food.

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