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    Introducing: The Hot Chocolate Shaker


    We've been fed up with lumpy hot chocolate for years, which is why we decided to solve this problem and invent the world's first Hot Chocolate Shaker with an innovative popping lid to accommodate the pressure caused from shaking a hot liquid. 

    Shaking a hot chocolate perfectly emulsifies the chocolate and hot liquid together to create a lump free drink in seconds.

    Order yours today from our online shop.

    What is The Chocolate Society?

    What is The Chocolate Society?

    Hi, we are The Chocolate Society, we are an artisan chocolate company based in rural Somerset, making small batches of delightful chocolate creations for chocoholics to enjoy. There are no secret handshakes or memberships here, so join us, and start tasting chocolate as good as it really should be.

    As a small business, we have five core pillars by which we operate; Delight our customers, work with likeminded suppliers, support and train our team, reduce our environmental impact and to continually innovate. We hope you love what we do just as much as we do.

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