5 Reasons Why Our Chocolates Are Different

5 Reasons Why Our Chocolates Are Different

What makes our chocolates taste so different? Find out here.
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We are often asked why our artisan chocolates taste so different from the rest. For that reason, we thought we would give you five of the main reasons why our luxury chocolates are a little different and taste so much better for it.

1. They are FRESH!

Our chocolates are freshly made on a weekly basis and do not include any artificial preservatives. For this reason, our chocolates only have a shelflife of between 14 and 28 days from the date of delivery.

Because we omit nasty chemicals such as Sorbitol from our chocolates, we find our chocolates have a much better taste and texture to the chocolates you will find in your local shops.

2. We don't use flavourings!

In chocolates that have a long shelflife, chocolatiers have to use flavourings to allow their chocolates to taste the same six months after they have been made. As our chocolates are designed to be enjoyed within 28 days, we can use real fruit, herbs and spices and nothing else. When we say Raspberry and Kalamanzi Lime, we mean it has real Raspberries and real Kalamanzi Lime in the chocolates. Which believe it or not, is pretty unique!

3. We only use French chocolate!

As explained in our article The Difference Between A Chocolatier & A Chocolate Maker, we are chocolatiers and we use chocolate couverture in our creations - like 99% of other chocolate companies in the UK.

Unlike 99% of other companies though, we are the only company in the UK using 100% French Valrhona chocolate in our products. Valrhona are a chocolate maker based in the Rhone Valley who source beans from around the world and turn them into some of the very finest chocolate you can buy.

4. We make in small batches!

Unlike other companies who use large machinery to make the centers of their chocolates, we use traditional small pans to create our melt in the mouth ganaches, flavoursome caramels and crunchy pralines. We feel making in small batches allows us to produce the very finest chocolates.

5. You won't find us in Supermarkets!

We promise, you will not find our chocolates in supermarkets. The reason for this is that it would mean compromising on the quality of ingredients to adhere to a price point, and we just aren't happy to do this. We want to make the very finest chocolates, using the very finest ingredients. We know you will taste the difference!

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