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A Busy Start to 2020 - A Factory Move and our Factory Shop Closure!

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Happy New Year!

Many of you will know that we’ve been operating from our little factory in Holton for 7 years now but we’ve got some big news.

As we embrace 2020 with open arms, we are incredibly excited to announce that we have recently moved to larger premises, just down the road in Bruton. We loved Holton and thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of you as you popped in to say hello and browse the factory shop, but as a business, it’s exciting to see that we’re growing. 

With this in mind, the new premises in Bruton allows us the potential to keep growing, to grow our team and our capacity to chase relationships we could previously have only dreamed of. It’s an amazing opportunity for us, which we’re ready to embrace as a team.

However, this does mean that we have had to close the doors on the Factory Shop in Holton and we’re sorry that we didn’t get chance to warn you beforehand.

We’d love to reopen a factory shop in Bruton but for now, for health and safety reasons, we don’t have that option at our new site.  We’re looking into our options for the near future and we promise to keep you updated on any developments, watch this space!

For now though, sadly we don’t have a physical factory shop for you to visit, which is a shame because we love meeting the people who love our chocolate! That said, we’ve reopened our ‘Almost Perfect’ Factory Seconds page on our website and we’ll be updating the product listings every Friday from now on.

In summary, thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting us and our venture and allowing us to grow. We’re so grateful and can’t wait for you taste our efforts!

Here’s to 2020. May it be healthy, happy and sweet.

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