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Banoffee Pie Truffles

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Banoffee Pie Truffles

Typically when you find a company making banoffee pie truffles they tend to be very sweet and are very often artificial tasting.

For this reason, when our chocolatier, Al decided to experiment with making a banoffee pie chocolate truffle, he said he would only ever sell them if they tasted just like a delicious banoffee pie.

As always, we never use any artificial preservatives, or artificial flavourings in our chocolates, and this chocolate truffle is no exception.

When developing the recipe for this new truffle, Al looked at the different component parts of a banoffee pie and tried to bring all their qualities into one small ball of chocolate delight. With the three component parts in most recipes being, the crunchy base, caramel and banana cream top, it made sense to make this truffle in three stages.

For the first stage we make a liquid caramel which we then fill about a third of a milk chocolate truffle shell. After which we then make a milk chocolate banana ganache. For the banana ganache, we use real banana puree. The mixture of caramel and banana ganache tasted perfect. Our next quest was to create that crunch which everyone associates with the base of the banoffee pie.

Al eventually decided on thinning milk chocolate with cocoa butter to make a very viscous chocolates to dip the truffles in, which are then rolled in a crunchy eclat d'Or biscuit.

Once the biscuits are set onto the truffles, the truffles are dipped one more time into the thinned down milk chocolate. This gives the biscuits a thin coating of chocolate which protects the biscuit as it is hygroscopic and creates a gorgeous finish to this gorgeous chocolate.

Our banoffee pie truffle is one of the most demanded chocolates here at The Chocolate Society, and even though it is quite a time consuming chocolate to make, we think it is well worth it for the finished result.. yum!

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