A little gesture goes a long way – Why should I invest in corporate branded chocolate?

A little gesture goes a long way – Why should I invest in corporate branded chocolate?

Corporate branded chocolate can massively elevate your brand event, improve your staff morale and even reduce your impact on the environment when gifting.  Take your business event to the next level with The Chocolate Society's white label service.
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As the world prepares to adjust to a new level of ‘normal’, corporate gifting solutions may have crept to the bottom of your to-do list. But in times like these, a little gesture goes a long way, and in fact, perhaps now is the perfect time to invest in corporate branded chocolate.

We’ve all been given the obligatory branded pen or ‘message bug’ at a corporate event that finds its way to the bottom of your bag for the foreseeable future.  Why not make a worthwhile investment in your brand and work with us to create your own branded chocolate?

It seems obvious to state that almost everyone likes chocolate, so you can’t go far wrong. But with eye catching packaging and superior quality confectionery, your recipients will enjoy the best of both worlds.  Not only this, but with branded chocolate you’ll eliminate the unnecessary wastage. The chocolate will be eaten in record speed (we hope!), the cardboard sleeve can be easily recycled through household collections and the ‘cellophane’ style wrap protecting the chocolate on the inside is fully compostable so it’s good for your business and great for the planet too.

We work closely with our printers, so we’re able to execute and dispatch your custom chocolate to you quickly and efficiently, so if turnaround is tight, branded chocolate is a great way to make a big impact in a small time frame.  Not only this, but the excellent quality of the print really showcases your branding in its best light. As soon as your recipients have your chocolate in their hands, it’s relatively common to share the gesture on social media thus increasing your brand’s reach, potentially exponentially to otherwise untouched audiences.

Something that is so often overlooked in business is the importance of staff morale, and branded chocolate bars are a small but significant gesture to help them feel appreciated.  Whether you’re sending a token of appreciation to clients and customers, sending a little something as congratulations or sales incentive, or even a sweet treat to say ‘thank you’ to your staff while working remotely; it has been widely reported that there is a conclusive link between happiness and productivity. According to Oxford University, who found that workers are 13% more productive when happy at work.

If you’ve got an event to celebrate or you’d like to treat your staff, customers or clients, don’t hesitate to contact us at hi@chocolate.co.uk. Alternatively, you can also give us a call on 01963 824366.  We’ll be happy to chat through your enquiry to find what suits your business best.

Whatever you’ve got to say, say it with chocolate.


Photo courtesy of : https://www.lyst.com/data/chocolate-bar-designs-fashion-brands/

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