Easter Eggs 2013

Easter Eggs 2013

They aren't quick to make, but we think they are so worth the effort!

Every year, chocolatiers are tasked with coming up with new, exciting and innovative Easter Egg designs. Here at The Chocolate Society we always look forward to this time of year, and always try and develop something special. This year is no exception.

For 2013, we are thrilled to launch a brand new swirled chocolate Easter egg. We temper each of the seven coloured swirls by hand on a cold marble table, and then hand pipe the swirls onto the inside of the Easter egg mould.

After all seven colours have been piped, we then clean the moulds, and prepare them ready to be cast with delicious dark Valrhona chocolate couverture.

Once the dark 70% chocolate has been tempered, we pour a set amount into each mould. Moving quickly, we then vibrate the chocolate mould, to remove any air bubbles in the chocolate, and allow the chocolate to settle between the hand piped lines.

The moulds are then placed onto a small Selmi chocolate spinning machine. This machine is designed for hollow chocolate items, and it works by spinning the moulds so that the chocolate is pushed to the outsides of the moulds as they cool.

The moulds will stay on the chocolate spinning machine for approximately fifteen minutes, and then be placed in a chocolate fridge to finish cooling.

As chocolate will contract if it has been tempered and cooled correctly, it is relatively easy to see if the egg is ready to be removed from it's mould. When we have seen that the chocolate egg has released correctly, we will remove it from the mould and place it on a hand piped base. The egg is then ready to be wrapped and packed.

As has been reported in numerous newspaper publications in the past few years, we agree that Easter Eggs have become overly packaged, and as a result we have decided to wrap our eggs in a simple plastic wrap and accessorized with a 'The Chocolate Society' ribbon.

In addition to our unique striped Easter Egg, we have a number of other eggs, including our annual favourite, Honeycomb Easter Egg, and a new blonde chocolate Easter egg.

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