Easter Eggs 2022 - It's All About Taste & Texture!

Easter Eggs 2022 - It's All About Taste & Texture!

We are thrilled to launch our 2022 Easter egg range. Innovative flavours that all focus on the taste and texture of each egg.
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Here at The Chocolate Society we have always tried to make innovative Easter Eggs. We have chopped, melted and stuck things to the traditional Easter Eggs in ways in which you might never imagine.

This year though we are focusing on making our 2022 Easter Eggs that little bit different. We are excited to launch our eggs which are all focused on taste and texture! Our challenge has been to design eggs which eggceed (sorry - it was just too tempting to use this pun!) your expectations in every way. 

By challenging ourselves to come up with a truly innovative range of Easter eggs, we have launched exciting flavoured eggs from Tea & Biscuit Easter Egg (a beautiful Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg infused with bergamot oil and studded with crunchy biscuit pieces) through to our crunchy Sea Salt Caramel Egg, which is a caramelised milk chocolate shell with shards of crunchy caramel scattered throughout. For the more sophisticated palate, we have a Toasted Sourdough Crumb Easter Egg, which is a dark chocolate shell with freshly toasted sourdough crumbs sprinkled throughout. 

This year, we really feel we have created our 2022 Easter egg range which is suitable for all chocoholics!

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