Introducing our Christmas Collection

Introducing our Christmas Collection

This year's Christmas collection can now be revealed.

This year is the first time we have launched a dedicated Christmas Chocolate box and we wanted to make sure it would be one to remember. 

We had a clear idea of the Classic Flavours we should include in the box; Whisky, Champagne, Nutmeg, but we also wanted to give our own take on what should be included in the perfect Christmas chocolate box. 

One of the chocolates we are most excited about in the box is the Christmas Tree Caramel. The idea for this chocolate came to Alasdair, our head chocolatier, when he was on holiday in Chamonix in the summer. Surrounded by vast evergreen forests he thought if he could encapsulate the sweet smell of Pine Needles then he would have a truly Christmas Chocolate. After much development we have come up with our Christmas Tree Caramel. A well balanced and aromatic chocolate which tastes just like Christmas!

We are thrilled with how the box has turned out and think it really is the perfect box to share at Christmas. 

Below are descriptions of all the chocolates included:

Grand Marnier Truffle (contains alcohol) - A true Christmas classic, Grand Marnier orange liqueur ganache encased in a dark shell and rolled in bitter cocoa powder.

Chestnut Truffle (contains alcohol) - Delicious and creamy milk chocolate Chestnut & Whisky ganache. 

Chocolate Snowball – A smooth and creamy white chocolate coconut ganache encased in a white shell and rolled in toasted desiccated coconut. 

Marc De Champagne Truffle (contains alcohol) – The perfect celebratory chocolate. A milk ganache made using the finest Distillerie Goyard Marc de Champagne. 

Whisky Caramel (contains alcohol) – Using the finest Whisky this golden caramel is true decadence. 

Gingerbread – A nostalgic Christmas flavour brought to life in this milk chocolate ganache. Using the new Valrhona Biskelia chocolate and fresh ginger juice we perfectly create the taste traditional gingerbread

Mulled Wine (contains alcohol) – A chocolate that encapsulates all the spices of Christmas. The flavours of Cinnamon, star anise, cloves & nutmeg are combined in a truly seasonal dark chocolate ganache. 

Nutmeg – A smooth dark chocolate ganache infused with freshly grated nutmeg 

Caraway Praline – Inspired by our head chocolatier's Grandmother's famous caraway seed stuffing this chocolate combines a caramelised caraway Add to dictionary in almond & hazelnut praline, sitting below a dark chocolate caraway ganache. A definite favourite in the factory!

Christmas Cracker – This chocolates simple exterior is deceptive as once eaten it gives way to an explosion of sensations. A popping candy praline sits below a delicious layer of salt caramel. 

Winter Apple (contains alcohol) – A baked caramel apple ganache, spiced with cinnamon and a splash of Somerset cider brandy. 

Amaretto Affogato (contains alcohol) – Inspired by the popular Italian desert this is a tri-layered chocolate; dark chocolate coffee ganache, white chocolate vanilla, and boozy amaretto. The perfect combination. 

Cranberry & Morello Cherry (contains alcohol) – A zingy and fruity white chocolate ganache encased in a heavenly dark chocolate covering.

Christmas Tree Caramel (contains alcohol) – Fresh pine needles are infused into cream which we then use to make a dry caramel. A splash of Whisky with evergreen notes is added at the end to bring out the true taste of Christmas.  

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