Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey® - our little sister brand!

UPDATE (Friday 1st October 2010): We are only a short time away from launching our brand new online store, and the great news is that we now have Hokey Pokey® back in stock. If you would like to order some delicious Hokey Pokey® , please email us and we will tell you how you can purchase a bag or two of our delicious honeycomb.

One of our most popular products here at The Chocolate Society is Hokey Pokey® . Hokey Pokey® is our sister brand that makes amongst other products handmade honeycomb that they sell in three different varieties: Naked Hokey Pokey®, Milkey Hokey Pokey® & Wicked Hokey Pokey®.

Naked Hokey Pokey®: Naked Hokey Pokey® is simply plain honeycomb bagged and sold straight as is. It is perfect if you are fancying a little honeycomb without any chocolate covering. We also find that Naked Hokey Pokey® is very popular with people wanting to break it down into smaller pieces and wanting to add it to a cake, desert or ice cream. All in all Naked Hokey Pokey® is addictive and versatile in it's uses!

Milkey Hokey Pokey®: Milkey Hokey Pokey® is the best selling of all the three Hokey Pokey® products that we sell. The combination of delicious honeycomb covered in addictive Milk Chocolate is hard to resist. We ensure that our honeycomb is generously enrobed in smooth milk chocolate so that you receive the perfect balance of honeycomb to chocolate in every mouthful!

Wicked Hokey Pokey®: Wicked Hokey Pokey® is the name for their dark chocolate honeycomb. Due to the nature of dark chocolate it is slightly richer than the Milkey Hokey Pokey®, but this doesn't mean it is any less addictive. For those who are dark chocolate lovers, Wicked Hokey Pokey®  is the obvious choice, and by the number of people buying repeat orders of this variety, we are in no doubt it is a best in class product!

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