Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hot Chocolate Recipes

How to make the ultimate hot chocolate!

Here at the Chocolate Society, we are famous for our Hot Chocolate. Our Hot Chocolate is served in cafes across the country and it is one of our best selling products on our online store. Below we have given a breakdown of our favourite seven recipes, that are easy to follow and delicious to drink!

Hot Chocolate For Children

Combine 25 cl (8 oz) of drinking chocolate with 25 cl (8 oz) of milk and heat gently. Divide between two bowls.

If you need to sweeten the hot chocolate a little, perhaps try sweetening with 1 or 2 spoons of liquid caramel (or honey). Serve with slices of brioche.

Hot Chocolate With Cognac

Pour 2 or 3 cl (1 ox) of cognac into the bottom of each cup. Heat 50 cl (16 oz) and when warm, divide among the cups. Top with a little whipped cream. Serve with madeleines or sugar cookies.

Hot Chocolate With Creole

Pour 2 or 3 cl (1 oz) of rum into each coffee goblet. Add 20 cl (7 oz) of drinking chocolate to each goblet. Sweeten to taste with liquid cane sugar. A great late evening drink.

Hot Chocolate Mandarin

Heat 50 cl (16 oz) of drinking chocolate. Add 10 cl (3 and a 1/2 oz) of mandarin liqueur (or curacao) or orange syrup, and combine. Pour into cups, and dust with powdered cocoa. Serve with spice cake.

Hot Chocolate Windsor

Pour a little mint syrup (or creme de menthe) into each cup. Add 20 cl (7 oz) of drinking chocolate, and mix well.

Sweeten with a little icing sugar. Serve with dark chocolate muffins

Hot Chocolate Cappuccino

Prepare hot coffee and pour 10 to 20 cl (3 and a 1/2 to 7 oz) of it into a hot chocolate server. Sweeten according to your taste with brown sugar. Add 40 to 50 cl (14 to 16 oz) of drinking chocolate, mix well. Fill coffee goblets to 2/3 with the liquid, then top off the last 1/3 with whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate With Cinnamon

Make an infusion with 20 cl (7 oz) of hot milk a stick of cinnamon (or use powdered cinnamon). Heat 40 to 50 cl (14 to 16 oz) of drinking chocolate, and pour it into two cups. Filter the infusion, and add the same to each cup.

Sweeten with a touch of honey. Serve with almond cookies

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