In conversation with Fromie Gifts

In conversation with Fromie Gifts

After a considerable pause, the dust is beginning to settle after a frenetic few months. We reached out to Nicky of Fromie Gifts for a chat. Nicky has been collaborating with local brands like us for several years, compiling some really beautiful gift boxes, jam packed with small, independent makers who can really make a difference to their communities.

Having made the decision to move away from her physical shop in the high street and instead, moving her business online, I asked Nicky a few questions about how she’s found running her business in the wake of Corona virus and it seems that her passion is still alive and well…


Dani: What do you love most about where we live?

Nicky: Frome has such a free rebellious spirit that combined with a positive attitude makes it an exciting place to live and work. There’s always something bubbling underneath the surface!

Dani: What is your business and what does it mean to you?

Nicky: With Fromie Gifts, I created a space on the high street that champions community and showcases local makers and suppliers. I believe opportunity is for everyone and personally, it makes me happy that I get to tick my 3 business pillars of creativity, community and collaboration every day.

Dani: How have you coped as a business and adapted to Covid 19 and the new safety measures it requires?

Nicky: My online store was in place pre lockdown so that was a God send, I simply moved all my stock to my home and set up shop in my spare bedroom! We also began a local delivery service that has remained in place and is proving more popular week on week.

Dani: Why would you say it’s vital to continue to support local and independent retailers?

Nicky: Supporting each other encourages a thriving local economy, whether that’s online or on the high street, it makes our towns nicer places to visit, work and live. Independents create local jobs and you can shop with other indies and get involved in our communities too. Big chains are much better equipped take the strain, we can’t. It’s a case of use it or lose I’m afraid.

It’s simple and it’s easy, so please, whether it’s on the high street or online #shoplocal

Dani: What’s your favourite gift combination including something from our range?

Nicki: During lockdown I was selling a lot of our ‘Comfort and Caffeine’ gift box which contains The Chocolate Society’s Salted Caramel bar, a beautiful handmade ‘Frome’ mug with internal orange glaze, and a bag of Girls Who Grind coffee. The contents, the price point and the sentiment just hit the mark in a period when many of us needed to feel connected and comforted. It was the perfect present with an emotional context.

Dani: Now finally, the really important stuff, what’s your favourite flavour of our chocolate?

Nicky: My favourite is the Rosemary & Sea Salt as I love chocolate but as I’ve got older I have less of a sweet tooth than I used to. I like the contrast of flavours and the packaging is so delicate in colour it makes me feel more virtuous about eating it all in one go!

To browse Nicky's beautiful gift collections, visit her online shop at

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