Valentines Day Chocolates

Valentines Day Chocolates

It's a big day in the chocolate calendar - find out what we created this year.
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We have been busy over the past few months working on our 2013 Valentines Day chocolates. After much experimenting, we are thrilled to launch a new gloss red milk chocolate ganache heart, and a liquid salt caramel heart, that is decorated with a hint of red and splashes of gold detailing.

Since we decided on the two hearts for our 2013 range, we post a few images of the new valentines chocolate hearts onto our Facebook page and they were incredibly well received.

Milk Chocolate Valentines Day Hearts

This chocolate heart is decorated with a small amount of white cocoa butter, and then sprayed with some bright red cocoa butter, which gives the chocolate an incredible shine. Cast behind the layer of cocoa butter, we use a 35% milk chocolate to form a thin crisp shell. In the shell, we hand pipe delicious milk chocolate ganache, which is made using Jivara chocolate, and is enhanced with a real vanilla pod and the slightest pinch of salt.

The milk chocolate valentines day hearts are now available through our online chocolate shop.

Liquid Salt Caramel Valentines Hearts

Hand decorated heart shells, cast with rich 70% dark Valrhona chocolate with a liquid salt caramel center. These heart are decorated with a small amount of edible gold glitter and then set with red cocoa butter, and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate balanaces the salt caramel perfectly.

The Valentines Day Hearts are strictly limited edition and can be bought on our online chocolate shop now.

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