Vestri Luxury Italian Chocolate Bars

Vestri Luxury Italian Chocolate Bars

We are importing our favourite Italian chocolate bars.

At the beginning, there was 'kakaw', the treasure of the New World and Central America for over 3000 years.

For over thirty years, the small Italian chocolatier Vestri has been transforming this precious fruit and conquering the hearts and tastebuds of men, women and children from around the world. The Chocolate Society is very excited to be introducing Vestri chocolate to the United Kingdom.

In order to guarantee the quality and the traceability of the cocoa they use, the Vestri family acquired a small cocoa plantation of less than seven hectares in Punta Cana ten years ago.

The plantation in the Dominican Republic is within a few miles of the sea and set in the foothill of the cordillera (mountains). The conditions and humidity are ideal for the growth of the cabosse (cocoa seed). Vestri have selected some of the most prestigious cocoa species and do not use any chemical products or pesticides.

The care and attention to detail that Vestri use at their cocoa plantation is continued when the pods arrive in Tuscany and are lovingly turned into chocolate.

The Chocolate Society have a number of single origin Vestri bars including their signature Vista Alegre which is made from cocoa from their own Dominican Republic plantation. In addition to the popular Vista Alegre bar, Vestri also make some wonderful single origin chocolate bars, such as bars from the Carribean, Madagascar and Venezuelar.

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