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What Are Fresh Chocolates?

What Are Fresh Chocolates?

Typically the boxes of chocolates that you will find in your local supermarket, or chocolate shop, have a long shelf life, and can be eaten up to a year after they are made.

In order to achieve this, chocolate companies will use artificial preservatives to extend the shelf life of their products.

Unlike most companies, we pride ourselves on making fresh chocolates, which do not use any artificial preservatives. Instead of having six to twelve month shelf life products like our competitors, ours chocolates have a two to four week shelf life.

We prefer to make our chocolates in this way as the taste and texture of our chocolates are greatly improved by not using artificial preservatives, in addition to being better for you.

We believe that chocolates taste best when they are fresh and actively encourage chocolate lovers to ask their favourite chocolate brands as to whether they are using artificial preservatives in some/all of their chocolate truffles, ganaches, caramels and pralines.

Typically large chocolate companies such as Thorntons and Hotel Chocolat will be using sorbitol to extend the shelf life of their chocolates.

If you are yet to try fresh chocolates, we really would encourage you to sample our range of fresh chocolates, so that you can see the difference between our chocolates and the chocolates that other companies make.

We hope you will agree - artificial preservative free chocolates taste so much better!


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