5 Happy Beans | Part 5 | Innovation

5 Happy Beans | Part 5 | Innovation

As Covid-19 swept across the globe, we suddenly found ourselves in a position where it wasn’t product innovation we needed, it was work innovation.  We needed to rethink our fundamental ways of working. How on earth could we keep our factory team safe at a 2m distance?

At the heart of all that we stand for is the need for innovation. Chocolate will always be delicious, but will it always be exciting?  We hope so!

We believe that breaking the mould is an ethos to live by so we try our best to keep our flavours fresh and exciting, sometimes even challenging but that’s part of the fun…  We’ve even changed the way we make hot chocolate, we’ve literally shaken things up and so far, it’s all been delicious.

As Covid-19 swept across the globe, naturally, it was a time of huge insecurity for a small business.  Particularly a business that likes to rock the boat.  We worried that people might be seeking comfort and familiarity in these uncertain times, but instead, it seems that our customers are (amazingly) more willing than ever to try something new. Over the course of the last few months we’ve seen the uptake on our Box of the Month almost double.  Perhaps our passion for innovation and breaking the mould was paying back, somewhat unexpectedly. Even more so in August, when we were selected as the Independent's Indy Best Buy for their independent Chocolate Subscription Box.

I suppose, while everyone was confined to their homes unable to peruse the shops for the latest, most delicious thing, it’s a real treat to have a Box of the Month delivered to your door.  Fit to burst with brand new flavours month on month, no two flavours ever the same.  We obviously want everyone to love the chocolates, but part of the excitement is the challenge.  Every month, we try and include a couple of flavours to challenge the palate, and people seem to be really enjoying the whole experience, not just the chocolates.

‘Such delicious chocolates with innovative and ever-changing flavours each month. And fantastic customer service’


We’re so pleased that you’re all enjoying the experience, the luck of the draw and the excitement of finding your favourite flavour.  The Box of the Month, for us, is a really lovely opportunity for our chocolatiers to test themselves and creatively experiment with new flavour combinations which we’re so grateful that you’re enjoying. If there's a flavour that you particularly loved, this month it was Fleur de Sel Caramel, let us know!  We're always up for new challenges and flavour profiles to experiment with though each flavour is a real limited edition and only ever available for that month (but if Salted Caramel is your thing, we've got a pretty delicious bar of chocolate to rival this month's bonbon here.)

The last few months have been a really weird time, but it’s been incredibly reassuring to hear our customers enjoying our innovation, hungry for exciting flavours, even opting to share the magic with their nearest and dearest.  We hope that this last review encapsulates it well, after all, who doesn’t aspire to be the ‘best ever’?

'My daughter, for whom the July box was bought, has pronounced it "the best ever"

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