International Women's Day - Box of the Month - March 2020

International Women's Day - Box of the Month - March 2020

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This month, we saw International Women's Day burst into the spotlight once more, raising the voices of women across the globe.

You might not have realised as you tuck into this month's box of chocolates, that we've done something very special behind the scenes.

In honour of International Women's Day, we chose to honour the women in our team, without whom we simply wouldn't be where we are today. We took all of the women of The Chocolate Society out for coffee.  We discussed the women who made us who we are, and how we'd most like to honour them.  We decided to devote March's Box of the Month to the women who inspire us, today, and every day thereafter.  

Let me introduce you to the team and their creations...

Top row, left to right: Mother Murray, Pamela Eve, The Royal Marsden. Bottom row, left to right: Number 26, The Blank Canvas, Myrtle House

Mother Murray - Created by Shelley

Shelley works in production and designed the Mother Murray in honour of her good friend, Mrs Murray. One layer of vanilla and brandy white chocolate ganache, and one layer of coffee milk ganache, all generously enrobed in dark chocolate. When Shelley moved to Dorset Mrs Murray soon became a second mum. Shelley has always admired her incredible strength of character and ability to tackle whatever life throws at her but most of all her desire to stand up for those who are most vulnerable. As such, her flavours are strong yet smooth, perfectly brought together with some feisty spirit...

Pamela Eve - Created by Sarah

Sarah works in production and designed the Pamela Eve, inspired by her amazing grandmother. It’s a lavender and rose infused milk ganache, generously enrobed in the most decadent milk chocolate. Sarah’s chocolate is a nostalgic nod to how Pamela Eve taught all of her grandchildren the true meaning of unconditional love. Sarah is now lucky enough to live in her Grandmother’s house, where the roses and lavender that Pamela planted still thrive.

In Sarah’s words ‘If I am ever a grandma, Pamela Eve is the Grandma I want to be’.

The Royal Marsden - Created by Alison

Ali works in accounts and designed The Royal Marsden, inspired by her Mum. A dairy-free delight, dark chocolate raspberry ganache, sumptuously enrobed in the smoothest dark chocolate. Ali’s Mum grew up on a dairy farm, but when her Mum fell ill and was advised to go dairy-free, the whole family followed suit. With a country garden full of raspberries, Ali created a chocolate that the whole family could enjoy. Happily, Ali’s Mum was given the all-clear from the Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

Number 26 - Created by Dani

Dani works in sales and marketing and designed the Number 26 in honour of her Granny and long-term confidant.  The Number 26. is a perfectly sweet blonde chocolate shell, fit to burst with a tarte, pineapple caramel, for a fruity flavour sensation. Inspired by her late grandmother who lived at Number 26, on every visit down to the west country to visit her grandchildren, Eileen would bring a perfectly ripe pineapple, super sweet and delicious. It continues to be Dani’s favourite food.

The Blank Canvas - Created by Charlotte

Char manages the factory and designed The Blank Canvas, inspired by a new year and an opportunity for self-improvement. It’s a dark chocolate and violet liqueur ganache, encased in a rich, dark chocolate shell, hand-painted by Char herself. As a developing artist, florist and harpist, Char wanted to represent her intention to embrace opportunity throughout the year and to develop her hobbies and creative potential – starting with hand-painting each and every chocolate!

Myrtle House - Created by the Garnsworthys

A nod to where it all began.  Al and Duncan Garnsworthy are the brothers behind the business, so inspired by their Mum, we developed the Myrtle House. A honeycomb and almond praline, nestled in a hand-decorated, glossy milk chocolate shell. Myrtle House was where Al and Duncan returned to their Mum in Somerset to learn how to make honeycomb 10 years ago and Dee’s hob is still used to make our honeycomb in the factory today!

Not only is our chocolate delicious, but it's made by real people with real stories, and it's a total privilege to be able to share them with you. 

To taste it for yourself, the March Box of the Month is available to order here.

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