Luxury Chocolate Truffles

Luxury Chocolate Truffles

The secret of a good truffle is the ganache - we think we've nailed it.

Following from our recent launch of the new liquid salt caramels, we have also launched our range of luxury chocolate truffles. All the truffles are made using the finest French Valrhona couvertures.

The most unusual chocolate truffle of the range is the new "Blonde" chocolate truffle. Blonde chocolate is a new type of Valrhona chocolate, which is made by caramelising the butter is the making process. This results in a sweet chocolate, similar to a white chocolate but with a distinct caramel tone. We use this distinct flavour in the ganache, but balance the flavour with a pinch of Halen Môn sea salt.

With the milk and white chocolate truffles, we have developed the recipe so that we have a light delicate ganache, and we have added an extra depth of flavour by using real vanilla pods and seeds in the recipes. This means our milk and dark chocolate truffles have a much more considered flavour than your typical chocolate truffle - and you certainly can tell!

Our dark chocolate truffles are made using a 64% Madagascan chocolate, which is a very naturally a very fruity chocolate, with hints of red fruits, and we have managed to bring this flavour through in these dark chocolate truffles.

We would love for you to try our range of truffles and for the next week, we have discounted our truffle boxes by £7.50.

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