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★★★★★ Review

We couldn't be happier - a five star review in the Observer Food Monthly.
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On Sunday the 26 of November 2017 we were pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see that our Dark Chocolate Truffles had been taste tested and featured in the Observer Food Monthly Awards. 

Tasting the Chocolates was none other than Andi Oliver from The Great British Menu who described our Dark Chocolate Truffles as: 

“Texturally it’s delicious, very smooth and inviting. That’s a good truffle because it’s got bitterness. Grown-up, but still has a playful amount of sugar.” 

She then went on to award them the only 5 Star review in the Truffle category.

As a small artisan chocolate company, we pride ourselves on our truffles. The truffles are made in small batches by our team of talented chocolatiers. Each truffle is made with a delicious Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Ganache, which sits within a thin crisp shell which is dusted in the finest Valrhona cocoa powder. 

Speaking to one of our Chocolatiers; he described what he felt made our Dark Chocolate Truffles stand out;

“Here at The Chocolate Society we make fresh chocolates. This means that all of our ganache and caramel chocolates do not use artificial flavours of preservatives to extend their shelflife. This results in a much cleaner tasting chocolate with a far superior texture. I really feel this is the difference people experience when they try our chocolates for the first time. The best way I can describe it to someone who hasn’t tried one of our chocolates, is it is similar to the difference between trying supermarket bought bread and bread that has been freshly baked by a skilful local baker, once you have had fresh artisan bread, there really is no comparison to the bread offered by the supermarkets, I hope this is the same with our chocolates.” 

In the run up to Christmas, we are seeing that our Truffle boxes are proving this year to be one of our most popular gifts. For more information and to buy our Dark Chocolate Truffles, please click here.

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