Our Coconut Easter Egg 2014

Our Coconut Easter Egg 2014

Our favourite egg yet - The Coconut Easter Egg!

Each year it is a chocolatiers task to develop new and exciting Easter Eggs. Last year we were thrilled by the response of our 2013 striped Easter Eggs. We painstakingly hand tempered each of the seven colours on marble slabs before piping lines of each colour into the mould. The end effect was visually stunning and the response to the eggs was overwhelming. For that reason, we wanted to create something equally as stunning this year.

The first egg that we developed at the beginning of January is quite possibly our favourite; The Coconut Easter Egg. We developed this egg by spinning a white chocolate Easter Egg using Valrhona Opalys Couveture which we mixed with some dessicated coconut. After the white chocolate egg had been moulded, we then spray the egg with a thin dark chocolate layer and sprinkle with cocoa powder whilst still 'wet'. After the thin dark shell has set, we then scuff the outside of the shell using a brush.

The brush technique allows us to create a texture and effect that is very similar to what you would find on a real coconut.

To complete the coconut, we take a knife and chop the top of the egg off to showcase the unique coconut effect. Our one final touch to each egg is to blow a small amount of hot air into each egg and then put more dessicated coconut into the inside of the shell, which lines the inside with a thin layer of dessicated coconut.

Everyone who has seen this egg, really is blown away by how realistic our Easter Egg looks and how delicious it tastes. Below are some of the comments that have been made by people who have seen/tried our Coconut Easter eggs:


CatherineJones: This chocolate egg so looks like a coconut - amazing! Tastes divine too. So clever, and the dusting of coconut too. #sublime.

David Boocock: @ChocSoc it's a brilliant effect - and I bet jolly tasty too! #whydidntithinkofthat

Paul Vincent: @ChocSoc Those chocolate coconuts certainly look amazing! 

William Thomas: They look amazing Al!


Clare Cooper: Oh, YUMMY!! What a brilliant idea!

Paul Wright: Great original concept! - Do they taste of coconut too?

Ashleigh Mairs: Looks amazing


Valrhona: Lovely

BRCleave: I need these in my life!

choclette8: Fab idea.

We hope that this Easter Egg will be the choice for any coconut lover this Easter, and we are proud to have designed and made the original Coconut Easter Egg - bound to be copied and immitated by others in the weeks, months and years ahead! Get the original whilst you can!

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