The Independent's Indy/Best Best Buy - Our Box of the Month

The Independent's Indy/Best Best Buy - Our Box of the Month

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Our Box of the Month makes The Independent's Indy/Best Best Buy Subscription Box!

Very excitingly, our Box of the Month has been selected by The Independent as their IndyBest Best Buy for the “best chocolate subscription boxes to satisfy all your chocolate needs”. For their research, they had the very unfortunate job of trying a whole host of chocolate subscription boxes, tasting and indulging some seriously delicious post to come up with their top 11 subscriptions on the market. 

Each month we work tirelessly to bring together a brand new and truly delicious box of the fresh chocolates, made using real herbs, spices and no preservatives for a truly clean and fresh delicious treat. We are elated that it has been recognised by IndyBest Best Buy as the top of the 11.

This July, the 18 chocolates in our Box of the Month are inspired by our favourite ice-cream and gelato flavours including Mint Choc Chip, Rum & Raisin and Stracciatella. The article describes our Box of the Month as a stylish letter-box friendly gift box tied with a white fabric ribbon making it ideal for gifts. Personally, we think chocolates through the letterbox is a no brainer, with each box contains a mixture of shiny colourful domes and chocolate squares, with either a ganache, caramel or praline centre, it’s brilliant that The Independent agree with us!

So thank you to The Independent for recognising our Box of the Month! We have a few July collections available, click here to order one whilst you still can.


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