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Win a Years Supply of Chocolate Bars

Suggest a flavour to win a years supply of bars!

We are very excited that later on this year we will be bringing you a whole host of new chocolate bars, fruit & nuts and other products to add to our range. 

With the new range, we wanted to give you the chance to win a years supply of chocolate bars, by letting us know what your ideal chocolate bar would be! 

All you need to do is comment below or email us through the contact page, with your ultimate flavour suggestion and the one we like the look of the most, we will develop and launch it as part of our range. If it's your bar which is selected, you'll receive 52 chocolate bars, enough for 1 a week for a whole year!

So please get creative, let us know what type of chocolate it would be, would it be milk chocolate? Dark, blonde or white? Would you add fruit or essential oils? Let us know! We're excited to get in your responses.

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  • White chocolate and blackberry or white chocolate and blueberry or white chocolate and black current or white chocolate lemon and blackberry or white chocolate pineapple coconut and lime or white chocolate blackberry and raspberry

    Rachel Prescott
  • Dark Chocolate rhubarb with mint

  • p.s. to my previous post – salted caramel blonde hot chocolate. A drinking version of the bar :)


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