The Mast Brothers Chocolate Making Process

The Mast Brothers Chocolate Making Process

We had a behind the scenes look at how The Mast Brothers chocolate bars are made.
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Founded in 2007, by brothers Rik and Michael, The Mast Brothers have created a reputation for producing some of the most exciting chocolate bars in the world today.

Often having first hand relationships with the farmers who grow their cocao, the brothers are passionate about buying the very best beans for their bars.

A typical day in The Mast Brothers chocolate factory will start with the team congregating around one of the large communal tables and hand sorting the beans into roast profiles.

The beans are then roasted, cracked and winnowed and then they start their three day conche process.

The conche process takes the nib of the cocoa bean and grinds it to a paste often refered to as cocoa liquer.

By the end of the conche, this is the first time that you see something that resembels melted chocolate. From here sugar is added to the liquer and then the chocolate is then allowed to age - often for as long as four weeks. This in The Mast Brothers view gives their chocolate the flavour for which they have become renowned.

Once matured, the chocolate is then tempered in The Mast Brothers Selmi Chocolate Machine, moulded into bars and hand wrapped back on the communal table where they started the journey, the bars are now ready for despatch.

The Mast Brothers stock room, is a clear sign of how popular their bars are - with a capacity of 3,500 bars per week, the shelves in the stock room are very bare, meaning once the bars are made they are shipped all over the US and into shops.

One touch that we love about The Mast Brothers chocolate factory, is that they sell the husks of the cocao as mulch for the local Brooklyn gardeners - apparently it is great for the soil, and we bet the gardens smell amazing too!

We collect each batch of bars from their factory and carefully transport them back here to the UK.

From our last visit we are thrilled to have secured a very limited number of their new Grand Cru chocolate bars - made from the world famous Chuao cocoa beans.

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