New Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars

New Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars

The shipment has arrived, grab them whist you can.
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We now have our new shipment of Mast Brothers chocolate bars. In this delivery have received some new single origin bars and some new bars with inclusions along with some of the old favourites.

4 New Origin Bars

Moho River, Belize - 70%

Made from beans that are grown in the depths of the Mayan jungles of Belize, this 70% cacao chocolate bars have flavour notes of raisin, plum and sarsaparilla. Click here to view this bar.

San Martin, Peru - 75%

From the rugged rain forest of northern Peru, this 75% cacao has floral notes, which are followed by mint, orange peel and rich plum.

Papua New Guinea - 71%

Post harvest, these beans are smoked - something that is very unique to these beans. The smoking imparts an incredible flavour into the bar and results in notes of hickory smoked bacon and aged scotch. This is one of the bars that we are most excited about this autumn.

Conacado, Dominican Republic - 73%

This cacao is organically farmed in the shade under the canopy of banana and citrus trees. This 73% cacao bar is a fruity bar with flavour notes of fresh cherries, molasses and strawberries.

2 New Chocolate Bars With Inclusions

Dried Cranberry - 75%

Peruvian Cacao paired with organic dried cranberrys that are wet-picked from Cape Cod.

Black Truffle - 74%

The ultimate earthbound decadence, black truffles that are from the forests of Oregon, paired with dark chocolate and sea salt.

We will also be receiving more of our old favourites: Almonds & Sea Salt, Hazelnuts, Stumpton Coffee (new and improved bar). These bars will be listed on our website in the coming days and will be available on a pre-order basis.

Posted By: Al Garnsworthy

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