How to Get a Hot Chocolate Shaker

How to Get a Hot Chocolate Shaker

We are thrilled to have launched a pre-sale campaign for the Hot Chocolate Shaker. Join us on this journey and be one of the first to get your hands on this new innovation.
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Now Available Online!

November 2019 Update: Hot Chocolate Shakers now available on our webshop: Hot Chocolate Shakers

Our Hot Chocolate Shakers are finally here and available for you to buy on o0ur webshop. 

We launched our Hot Chocolate Shakers on the Kickstarter platform in June and we  sold over 400% more than we had hoped for and the Hot Chocolate Shaker went into production. 

We can't wait to ship out the Hot Chocolate Shakers to you, so find them online here:  Hot Chocolate Shakers.

If you would like to view our Kickstarter video, please see it below.


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