Strawberries & Cream - The Wimbledon Collection

Strawberries & Cream - The Wimbledon Collection

No food sums up Wimbledon better than Strawberries and Cream - here it is in chocolate form!
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This July, our Box of the Month is embracing all things Wimbledon featuring flavours which without them, Wimbledon simply wouldn't be Wimbledon!

In this box you'll find an extra special chocolate made using Valrhona's brand new inspirations range, which is essentially chocolate, without the chocolate.

Valrhona have developed this new range which is made up of cocoa butter, sugar and instead of cocoa mass (which is what gives chocolate it's distinct flavour), they have used dried fruit instead. The use of cocoa butter and sugar gives the product the same characteristics as chocolate, which means we can make ganaches, shell our domed shaped chocolates and generally use the product exactly the same way as we use chocolate. The result is a flavour which is powerful and intense, as well as not containing any dairy products and therefore being completely dairy free. (As we have paired the Strawberry chocolate with white chocolate in our Wimbledon Collection, this chocolate is not dairy free).

Luke Frost, Valrhona's Northern Europe's Pastry Chef visited us earlier on this year to work with Al Garnsworthy our Head Chocolatier at The Chocolate Society where they developed the Strawberries & Cream chocolate featured in this months Box of the Month.

Watch the video to find out more:

We now have the Valrhona inspirations range available on our website, so if you want to experiment with them yourselves, you can, just click here to shop

The Wimbledon Collection is available now, remember, we only make a limited number of these each month before they are gone forever! Let us know your thoughts, as we love getting your feedback each month!

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