September Box of the Month - Inspired by Travel

September 05, 2017 1 Comment

If you ask any chef what inspires them, travel will always be a very important influence. So much of the food we know and love has been developed through exploring exciting new flavours overseas. We've been wanting to collate our inspirations from our own travels, so this September, we've developed a box of chocolates inspired by the travels of our team members at The Chocolate Society and the memories which reside to those flavours.

Whist travelling though Thailand, the first taste of Tom Yum Gung on the Silom Road in Bangkok, a masterful Thai soup, teeming with shrimp, tomatoes, galangal, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves and ladened with creamy coconut milk, it was the lemongrass which cut through the sweet and sour perfectly, which stuck. Paired this month with Kalingo, an equally tart to bitter 65% dark chocolate ganache, together, the Kalingo and lemongrass really sing to create an unexpected freshness, transporting straight back to the streets of Bangkok.

On a cold, rainy weekend trip to Dublin last November, it wasn't long before it was realised that an Irish Coffee was the perfect remedy to counterbalance the weather! First created in 1943 by the chef at Foynes Port in Limerick, Joe Sheridan, it was created for the cold, jaded passengers whose transatlantic boat was forced to return to Ireland in a bout of bad weather. Today proving the ultimate Irish escape and excuse to enjoy the sometimes-dreary weather! Our chocolatiers have infused a whisky caramel and layered this upon a milk chocolate coffee ganache to re-create the perfect Irish Coffee.

The first stop, New York City, on an American adventure, the initial taste of a New York Cheesecake has been ingrained, the sickly sweet, sharp and creamy lemon cheese cake, sat upon the perfectly crumbly digestive biscuit, it highlighted the importance of balance in flavours and textures, to create the ultimate in satisfying food. Our chocolatiers have recreated the elements of the perfect cheesecake in our New York chocolate.

After travelling across North America, heading south to South America, the flavours and colours of Brazil were unforgettable, bright and powerful fruits just like the beating bright heat from the sun. Passion fruit's a plenty, Valrhona have utilised these to create a Single Origin, Double Ferment chocolate - Itakuja. Once the cocoa beans have fermented, they are lay out to ferment for a second time, with the pulp of passion fruit. The process results in a bean which harbours by the fruity notes of the passion fruit. This month, we've explored this chocolate more, created a deep ganache, and topped it off with a passion fruit pat du fruit, to really accentuate the sunny flavour.

Aniseed, fennel, dill and liquorice are unforgettable after a trip to Sweden. Our chocolatiers have been inspired by this potentially love it or hate it flavour, which is no doubt loved in the Nordic countries and virtually impossible to avoid. Having tasted it across a whole array of meals, sweets and treats, just the smell of liquorice instantly transports straight back to Stockholm, back in Somerset at The Chocolate Society HQ, liquorice has been infused in cream to create our September Liquorice Caramel.

Our September box is available to pre-order now. We will only be making 250 of these boxes so please don't miss it! This month we've introduced a new shaped dome, and bonus, it's bigger than before! Read about this here.

- Suggest a Flavour -

We want to hear from you, suggest a flavour in the comments below to be in with a chance of having your flavour in our January Box of the Month and if we pick your flavour, you'll win a box too!

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Lana Mansour
Lana Mansour

September 08, 2017

S’more flavour.. crumbly biscuit or cookie with marshmallow and smooth milk chocolate(possibly some caramel too)

Chocolate chip..

Black forest(cherry chocolate cream..)

Creamy Jersey milk flavour..with vanilla seeds..(maybe raspberry ripple inside too?)

Cinnamon bun…(pecans, caramel, cinnamon…)

Caramel flavour with crunchy biscuit centre ..

Birthday cake flavour (vanilla, confetti, white chocolate..)


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